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Apache Crown - this bright-colored Kachina is the early morning dancer that blesses the other dancers.  His headdress is usually very eye-catching.   We are not responsible for shipping company errors, accidents, or delays. If it's our responsibility such as shipping the wrong item, we will be responsible for replacement, but if it's lost, or damaged by USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS, we do not accept the liability.   Yes, we will work with you to exact what ever claim you make, but we are not accepting responsibility for their mistake/s.  Please note, our price does not include shipping.  There will be a second charge to the card used when ordering a KACHINA for the shipping amount.  There is no handling, or any other fee.  Whatever FedEx charges is what we will charge your card for shipping.

Apache Crown
KACHINA dimensions:

Up ] Chief ] Eagle Dancer ] The Clown ] Buffalo Warrior Standing ] White Cloud ] Santo Domingo ] Kokopelli ] Hoop Dancer ] Butterfly ] Jemez ] White Buffalo Warrior ] Black Ogre ] [ Apache Crown ] Zuni Rain Priest ] Bear ] Owl ]

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