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Native American Indian kachinas and art by Hopi and Navajo nations that are made in the USA.

Kachina (pronounced kah-CHEE-nah) dolls are traditional, hand-carved wooden dolls made by Hopi and Navajo Indians of the Southwestern US. Each Kachina doll represents a spirit in life. Some typical spirits represented by the Hopi in Kachina dolls include:  the chief, the corn maiden, the ceremonial dancer, the singer, the ogre, the buffalo, the badger, the crow, the hawk, clouds, the sun, and the rainbow. 

The Kachina dolls once carved and costumed represent Kachina dancers. As the Winter Solstice comes to a close, the Pueblo people of the Southwest anticipate the arrival of the Kachinas. The Pueblo–such as the Zuni–believe that Kachinas are ancestral spirits that appear each spring to teach the people how to live and how to ensure rainfall and plentiful crops.  Order and collect Kachina Dolls by clicking here on Kachina Tradition   Collect/Buy Kachina-Dolls online with your favorite major credit card!

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